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Traci Kinden - Founder


I have been working with international, multi-stakeholder teams to develop next-generation technologies and processes for more than a decade. Of the many, many lessons learned, a few stand above the rest.

Creating footwear customization solutions as a NIKE innovator taught me how to work across a range of cultures, navigate varying agendas, and problem solve quickly and effectively in the office and on the factory floor. Designing a clothing sorting process for a non-profit provided firsthand experience with the complexity of handling literal tons of stuff and illustrated the incredible impact clothing and shoes can have on someone's life. Leading the Fibersort project on behalf of Circle Economy demonstrated the promise of new technologies and the challenges of industry transition.

Through hands on experience, research, and advising clients on textile waste and recycling technologies, I have cultivated a deep expertise in circular textiles and an inherent grasp of the relationship between waste, product design, and new business models. REvolve brings this together with the knowledge of other experts to transform the textile industry.

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