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research + collabs

Big challenges can't be solved in a vacuum.

For this reason, much of our work is done in collaboration with industry consortia and multi-stakeholder projects. We also work with individual clients when needs are company-specific.

Collaboration and research for industry transition are tricky, because they require sharing details about business activities. We are extremely conscious of this with both our clients and other industry stakeholders and strive to develop long term, trust-based relationships to increase the quality of data and insights used in our work.

Now is a pivotal moment:


We are in a critical time where the industry will benefit the most by elevating collective knowledge and taking a big leap forward together. Competitive advantage will be enjoyed by the leaders who develop the future today and bring the rest of the industry along on the journey.

In every project, we identify important, non-sensitive information and strongly encourage our clients to share it with the broader industry. This is, of course, at the client's discretion.

What we do:


REvolve conducts research transparently and with deep respect for sensitive information. This means we disclose to contributors the nature and purpose of the work, how data and insights are handled, and who has access to what. Our team takes care in collecting and managing information that is confidential or potentially sensitive from everyone that shares data and insights with us.

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