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student impact teams

Real-World Knowledge

In the spring of 2021, six students from a Dutch university asked researchers and the textile industry:

  • What data do you need?

  • How do you want to access it?

They received a lot of good and thought-provoking responses, and it became clear there is a whole lot more we can do increase industry knowledge and help future professionals learn about circular textiles.

We Learn Together


REvolve is launching 4 teams of students from Europe who want to learn about circular textiles in the real world and contribute to available knowledge for academia and the industry. These teams will dig into the topics below and increase their understanding of the resources, stakeholders, and opportunities within circular textiles.

Topic Areas

  • Policy across the EU

    • What are the leading developments for climate, circularity, and textiles?

  • Estonian Municipalities (must speak fluent Estonian)

    • Which actors and materials flows have high circular textile potential?

  • Commercial Textiles across the EU

    • What are the opportunities for commercial textile recycling?​

  • Fashion & Reuse in the Nordics and Baltics

    • What consumer habits, digital platforms, other reuse stakeholders have a high impact potential for circular textiles?


The Agenda

  • Kick off session introduces circular textiles concepts and the Impact Teams' work in May - July

  • Teams investigate key questions and stakeholders

  • Participants engage in weekly sessions for circular textile learning sessions and progress updates

  • Findings are compiled for further dissemination



  • Effective written and oral communication in English

  • Desire to learn and contribute to the development of circular textiles

  • Ability to participate for a total of 40 hours from May - August 2021

Apply by 10 May

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