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tex-road data standard + exchange intern


teX-Road envisions a world where the circular economy is global, digital, and powered by a single version of truth. Our mission is to provide the digital infrastructure that enables effective policy and the rapid growth of circular textiles.


Transferrable data across secure connections is absolutely critical to making this vision a reality.

Role: Standards and Exchange Discovery


As a part of the teX-Road team, you will identify, collect, and organize current data standards and data exchange protocols related to circular textiles. ​​You will work with the team to translate what exists into what the future should be. Together, we will shape the future of circular textiles.



  • Identify relevant data standards and exchange protocols in use (or under development) in textiles, traceability, waste management, and other related areas

  • Summarize their purpose, use, and potential applicability to teX-Road

  • Work with teX-Road team to draft data standard + exchange protocol v1



  • Basic knowledge of data standards and digital exchange protocols

  • Patience and determination

  • Meticulous attention to detail and accuracy

  • Data collection and management experience

  • Ability to summarize findings clearly

  • Effective written and oral communication in English

  • Strong working knowledge of Microsoft Office products

Duration, Location, Compensation


This is a part time role (10-20 hours/week) from May - September 2021. Work is done remotely, and the candidate must be based in the EU. Applicants must be eligible to work for an Estonian company. A stipend is available for qualified candidates.

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