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Accelerating Circularity Group


Accelerate the transition to closed loop textiles through creation of new, economically viable circular apparel business models focusing on textile waste as raw material. The group will identify and establish the links and capabilities required to create viable post industrial and post consumer circular textile supply chains. We will survey the existing marketplace, collect data, establish new links, run trials to validate the model and share the results publicly.

Recycling Technologies

  • Chemical polyester 

  • Chemical cellulosic

  • Mechanical cellulosic


  1. New York metropolitan area

  2. East coast of the United States

  3. ​Next region to be determined


  • Research the current state to define the key players, market influences, critical relationships, and create standardized grades for waste textiles as recycling inputs

  • Map a new circular supply chain

  • Create new linkages within the textile supply chain that allows for circularity

  • Pilot trials for circular supply chain based on research, mapping, and ability to link the circular supply chain

  • Model and report on the development of commercially viable circular textile supply chains


  • Regular stakeholder updates

  • Periodic public updates

  • Product made during pilots

  • Final report & model made public


  • Textile supply chain has a guide to transition to circularity

  • Other regions can adjust and replicate the model for local conditions

  • Creation of tipping point to accelerate circularity

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