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Level up Recycled Cotton

Cotton Recycling Pilot   A Partnership with Circle Economy and Recover
Project Duration: 2019-2020        |        Status: ​Seeking Participants

Cotton is VALUABLE.     Cotton is RECYCLABLE.     Cotton is WASTED.

Solution:  Address the barriers to mechanical cotton recycling, reclaim value, and eliminate waste.

Goal 1

Create recycled post consumer textiles that meet brand performance expectations.

Goal 2

Increase supply chain experience with mechanically recycled post consumer cotton.

Goal 3

Define cost drivers and ways to reduce cost of recycling post consumer textiles at scale.

Goal 4

Address potential chemical safety concerns of mechanically recycled post consumer cotton.

Project Work
Step 1: Document landscape, share
  • Aggregate results of past projects
  • Define areas to address for progress
  • Release findings for broad industry use
Step 2: Advance with real-world testing
  • Engage industry, recycle post-consumer textiles
  • Test results and address barriers (performance, chemistry)
  • Incorporate pilot outputs into supply chain
  • Level up industry knowledge
  • Finished product using recycled post consumer cotton enters the market
  • Recycled textiles are more accessible to brands, retailers, and the supply chain
Want in?
Brands, retailers, and other industry stakeholders can get involved.
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